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Kalsi Submersible
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"KALSI SUPER" submersible pumpsets suitable for 100 mm,150 mm&200 mm borewell are designed using the

"KALSI SUPER" submersible pumpsets suitable for 100 mm,150 mm&200 mm borewell are designed using the advanced manufacturing technology for pump design with more pumping power and high efficiency, which are light in weight and reliable.


1. Domestic Water Supply.
2. Drip Sprinkler Irrigation.
3. Agricultural Farms.
4. Gardening
5. High-Rise Buildings.
6. Bungalows.
7. Fountains.
8. Industrial Water Supply.


1. Motors for 100mm borewell are available in 0.5 H. P..37 kW)
To 2.0 H. P..5 kW) in single phase,220 volts and 1.0 H. P(075 kW)
To 5.0 H. P..7 kW) in three phase,415 volts A. C. Supply.
2. Motors for 150mm borewell are available in 5.0 H. P..7 kW) to
25 H. P. KW) in three phase,415 volts A. C. Supply.
3. Motors for 200 mm borewell are available in 10 HP to 30 HP in three phase,415 volts A. C supply.
4. Discharge outlet of size 1-1/2"(40mm)and 2"(50mm)for 100mm borewell size and of size 3"(80mm)and 4"(100mm)for 150mm borewell pumps available. Discharge outlet size of 4"&5" for 200 mm borewell available.


* Stainless steel rotor shaft gives longer life with minimum wear
And tear.
* 3000 RPM(synspeed) motor for wide voltage fluctuation and runs
On low voltage.
* Totally enclosed water-filled squirrel cage wet type induction
Motor as per IS:9283-1995.
* Vacuum impregnated stainless steel stator having hydraulically
Pressed high silicon epoxy coated laminated stampings.
* Epoxy coated rotor suitably baked for rust prevention and
Dynamically balanced on computerized balancing machines for
Vibration-free running.
* Special water-resistant PVC high dielectric insulated copper
Winding wires as per IS:8783(Part-4sec.1) -1995.
* High load-bearing capacity thrust bearing to withstand radial
And axial thrusts under adverse conditions with minimum wear&tear.