3 Phase Monoblock Pump - 1500 RPM

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Kalsi three phase,4 pole Monoset Pumps are single suction pumps, designed and built as a complete un

Kalsi three phase,4 pole Monoset Pumps are single suction pumps, designed and built as a complete unit on one shaft, thereby eliminating separate pump shaft, pump bearing&coupling, rendering the unit more compact, light weight, simple, durable, economical&efficient.
These pumps are 4 pole monoset pumps with 350 - 440 Volts 50 Hz AC supply, class of Insulation "A", ISI marked as per IS:9079 -1989.

It is of close grained high tensile cast iron to withstand both working pressure as well as sudden impact. Its volute is well designed for high efficiency.

It is of single suction, enclosed type and dynamically balanced. Its interior passages are smoothly finished for frictionless flow.

It is of high quality steel, accurately machined and ground finished to close limits to ensure long life of bearings and packing. It is provided with a bronze sleeve which extends through the stuffing box. For multiple functions, fan end shaft is extended and fitted with a flat pulley.

Stuffing Box
Deep stuffing box accommodates sufficient graphited asbestos packing, which prevents air leakage and thereby obtains high suction lift. Sufficient space is provided for convenient repacking.

Motor Frame
Frame is made of high tensile strength cast iron and is totally enclosed fan cooled type. Cooling ribs are also provided to facilitate heat dissipation.

It is of induction type, suitable for 3 phase 50 cycles,352/440 volts A. C. Supply. It is built of hydraulically compressed high quality insulated laminations, rigidly cleated, wound with super enamelled copper wire, impregnated with best quality stoving varnish and provided with high class insulating material.

It is squirrel cage type, die cast and dynamically balanced for vibration and noise - free running.

Heavy duty grease lubricated ball bearings with ample safety factor are provided at both ends.

Complete Monoset Pump is thoroughly tested as per scheme of Testing and Inspection of IS:9079-1989 to ensure specified performance.

All the pumps are guaranteed for satisfactory performance when correctly installed and connected up for a period of 12 months from the date of supply due to material or manufacturing defects only, provided no alternation or repair is carried out by any outside agency. Carriage of the product in question to and from our factory shall be at the cost of the customer.